Trust us to create a website, develop programs and data bases, and provide you the best IT Support for your company!

CERF-WEB is a Website agency which creates websites and programmes that develop its activities in Paris and in the region.

Websites Development

We create websites in HTML Living Standard with a design adaptable to tablets and smartphones through a professional coding. We provide you SEO support for your company's official website.

Development of programs and databases

Are you planning on improving your customer and inventory management system in an optimal way? CERF-WEB is a service provider in establishing your website back office, and in creating databases in MySQL or Filemaker.

Technical support for companies

Do you have trouble in updating your website? CERF-WEB will take the pleasure of doing it for you. We provide technical support on Mac/PC, and we offer you some courses of office programs such as Filemaker.

Have you ever looked your company's website on a smartphone?


Are all contents visible?

A content created with Flash cannot be correctly visible on a tablet or a mobile phone. Now, it has become possible to create contents almost as identical as Flash contents by combining the HTML/ CSS3 or jQuery (javascript) technologies. Besides, it is said that Flash does not enable to do a SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization).

The Web technology is constantly in evolution. The technologies and designs of yesterday can be rapidly outdated.

Is the layout well adapted to smartphones?

Today, it became normal, almost mandatory to create a website that can adapt itself to all types of devices to tablets, smartphones or computers. The new trend is “the responsive layout”, a new technology which enables the website to change and adapt the design and size of the letters according to the browser of the screen used. There is no need of having a different website according to the device used and IT support has become much easier.


Recommendations from CERF-WEB

Adapting your website to mobile phones and tablets which are more and more used today, will result to a bigger number of customers.

And don't forget the SEO strategy which is essential today.

Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

On 21st April 2015, Google changed how they handle search queries. This is affecting mobile searches in all languages worldwide and is having a significant impact in their search results.

Considering that many people search and compare shops or restaurants on smartphone, the impact by this change on business can be considered very large.

Is the web site of your company already optimized?

You can verify if your web site is mobile-friendly by Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

If the site is not adapted to mobiles, this tool tells you the points to optimize like below:

Text too small to read
Links too close together
Content wider than screen

Please try it.

mobile friendly test result

SEO Support of your company's website with a professional coding consistent with HTML Living Standard (Not only in English, but also in French, in Japanese, and in other languages!)

CERF-WEB is committed into improving the visibility of your website on all types of screens through a professional coding.

The website's design is very important, but is not enough. Would not it be a pity if you invest so much in a website which does not appear at the top of search engines such as Google?
The basics of SEO is a professional coding. Even if the design would be perfect, badly coded, your website would not be easily visible on a research on Internet. This is the main difference between amateurs and professionals.
If you trust CERF-WEB, we guarantee a well-adapted design to all types of browsers, and a professional coding to have a well-established SEO strategy. Besides, whether you have a budget to renovate your entire or only part of your website, we will consider each specific demand.

Services portfolio

Website development

CERF-WEB uses the latest html/css, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL technologies to set a code for your website development in HTML Living Standard. The layout would be of course “responsive”, adapted to all types of screens.

We also offer our services in subcontracting arrangements with other web companies.


  • Development of management systems of students’ data enrolled into language schools (MySQL+PHP+jQuery)
  • Development of systems of search and request for quotation of industrial products (MySQL+PHP+jQuery)
  • Correction of bugs of various programs PHP and javascript created by another company
  • Web application creating data and graphic layouts on browser


  • Development of databases with MySQL or Filemaker Pro
  • Installation, Update, addition of script, data management etc. on Filemaker Pro
  • IT Support for IT companies

Do you wish to get rid of some troubles?

“I have more and more clients... I wish I could have a customer management system...”

By using a database, it will be much easier to manage your customer portfolio and will optimize your work. The selection of data according to some chosen criteria, for example, could allow an automatic visibility of the contents on your website. You can have multiple possibilities.

Among the numerous database systems that exist, CERF-WEB puts forward the multi-functional systems such as MySQL or Filemaker. We will provide the solution best adapted to your request, from creating links between website to establishing an internal network within your company.

search solution

“A flexible inventory management system could be so useful...”

The ideal system si to have the actual state of the inventory reflected on the system. Indeed, it would minimize the working process in an effective way and will enable you to save labor cost.

CERF-WEB will provide you different solutions: from the creation of a whole new inventory system or the improvement of the existing one. We guarantee you a system that will be flexible and adapted to your needs.


“It will be so useful to have someone to update the website for me...”

CERF-WEB will have the pleasure of providing you this service! CERF-WEB will offer you its different services at a reasonable fee : creation of websites but also updating it, the support as well as the back up of your data. CERF-WEB will accompany you for a good support of your website!

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About the company

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Mai Kakizaki

CERF-WEB develops its activities in Paris and in the region, but requests coming from France or overseas are more than welcome. We will consider each order by phone, Skype or by e-mail,if there is need, we will not hesitate to come and meet you.